At LTS, our main emphasis is on quality and on timely deliveries. Our quality control starts right from the raw material stage. We buy sheets directly from the steel mills or through their main distributors. To minimize scratches during production we buy the sheet in coil form and cut the coils ourselves in required sizes.

Prior to production there is an internal meeting. All possible aspects that can go wrong with the product during manufacturing are discussed and care is taken to overcome these problems. This discussion is done for each product.

Necessary tooling is made to ensure consistency in production from piece to piece.

We are an ISO 9001-2000 Company, certified by BSI of


Quality Policy


We, at LTS INTERNATIONAL are committed to promote the Indian Metal Handicrafts in the world market, enriching it with value addition in terms of diverse utility and satisfaction of the needs of our customers.


Quality Objectives

  1. To export top quality handicrafts with aesthetic value to our customers.
  2. To minimize percentage of rejection in production progressively for each item.
  3. To adhere to time schedule of delivery.
  4. To train all employees in effectiveness and productivity at all level.
  5. To create relationship with vendors thereby helping each other to achieve set targets of quality and timely delivery with cost effectiveness.
  6. To create awareness on environment and work towards its protection

Environment Consciousness


We have an automatic Conveyorised Powder Coating Plant consisting of an eight tank Pre Treatment Plant. This unit is well supported by our Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant to give the best quality water for Pre-treatment. Keeping in view the Environment requirements, an Effluent Treatment Plant has been installed so that the effluent water from pre treatment unit is neutralized before it is released into the sewage system.

There is a fully functional Rain Water Harvesting System to help regenerate the scarce water that is available.


Human Policy

  • We are very conscious about workers safety and security.
  • Working environment is clean and conducive to good production. Adequate Lighting has been provided.
  • Reverse Osmosis plant has been installed to provide bacteria free water for drinking.
  • No child labor is employed.
  • Plenty of grass and greens have been planted for a pleasing and healthy environment.


  • Create people friendly policies, systems and processes.
  • Bring about a result and performance oriented culture in the organization.
  • Encourage open communication and fairness within the system.
  • Retention and nurturing of talent.
  • Reward and Recognize employees.


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